The Pillars & Mentors

Headed by none other than the virtuoso of  Indian Classical Music, Pt.Bhaskarbua Bakhale , the Samaj thrived under the secretaryship of the renowned harmonium artist Govindrao Tembe . In spite of a team of professional and efficient teachers, the Samaj had to face many financial hardships.

After the Kirloskar Natak Mandali backed out from its supportive role, the Samaj was renamed as ‘Bharat Gayan Samaj’ selfless artists like Master Krishna, Shri. Govindrao Tembe, Shankarbhaiyya Gurav and Balagandharva the legendary artist from the  Marathi Musical Theatre, performed through Bombay Province without accepting any remuneration.

Later, ‘Pune Gayan Samaj’ another organisation of  Indian Classical Music founded on 3rd October 1874 was merged in the ‘Bharat Gayan Samaj’.

The Mission and the Mantle

Since its inception, the Samaj has been instrumental in helping the Indian audiences to develop a liking and appreciation of the inner and outer beauty of the spirit of Indian Classical Music, its technicalities and creative, spiritual appeal.

The past 99 years stand as a testimony to this spectacular achievement.

Taking the endeavour of many veterans like Shankarbua Ashtekar, Late Master Krishnarao Phulambrikar et al ahead, today, the Samaj has its own academy imparting training in Indian Classical Music, (Vocal & Instrumental).  Bharatnatyam examination conducted by the Mahavidyalaya are recognised by the Government of Maharastra and as equivalent to Bachelors’ and Masters’ degree in Art.

Thanks to our donors, the Samaj takes great pride in organising musical concerts free of charge in honour of the late artists.





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