Tanpura of Pt.Bhaskarbua Bakhale

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Pulsating through the universe… singing the language of the heart… reaching out to the  soul.

The magic of music has been timeless.

Enriching this ancient classical art through its immense potential and possibilities was Indian Classical Music, encompassing the whole gamut of various forms through its rich tenor and timber.

The 20th century saw the rise of ‘Bharat Gayan Samaj’, an institute devoted to Indian Classical Music not just an institute, but a school of through that took upon itself to enrich people with the riches of this music.

Established under the patronage of the ‘Kirloskar Natak Mandali’ on 1st Sept.1911, It later came to be known as ‘Kirloskar Bharat Gayan Samaj’.

Completely dedicated to music, the Samaj had concrete goals along with an unequivocal passion under the able guidance of veterans like Dr.G.K.Gadre and the great literature N.C.(Tatyasaheb) Khadilkar.

The objectives were varied yet steadfastly focused at nurturing Indian Classical Music and inculcating the same in all its students and music lovers.



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